Registry uninstall values

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Only a couple of the valid uninstall values are documented on MSDN [1], some of them also have a Windows Installer property and have MSI specific documentation [2], and other values like DisplayIcon have no official documentation at all!

Name=Default Reg. Type Min. OS Format Notes
AuthorizedCDFPrefix SZ IE 4.01 Whitelist of one or more URLs for Software Update Channel [5]. “http:” means any host over http.
Comments SZ 2000
Contact SZ 2000
DisplayIcon=Auto SZ 2000 ["]%path%["][,<-%ResId% | %ResIndex%>]
  • Quotes are optional [3]
  • -1 is NOT a valid resource id [3]
DisplayName SZ * Required by ARP.GUI [7]
DisplayVersion SZ 2000 %major%.%minor%.%build%[.%revision%] Usually string version of Version
EstimatedSize DWORD 2000 %SizeInKiB% Win7+ does not display the size information without this value [4]
HelpLink SZ 2000
HelpTelephone SZ 2000 %PhoneNumber%
Installed DWORD
InstallDate SZ 2000 %YYYYMMDD% Last time a patch was applied or removed from the product or the product was installed/repaired [2][8]
InstallLocation SZ, EXPAND_SZ 2000 %fullpath\to\folder% ARPINSTALLLOCATION: Full path to the application’s primary folder
InstallSource SZ 2000 %fullpath\to\folder%
ModifyPath SZ, EXPAND_SZ *? "%path%" [parameters]
NoModify=0 DWORD 2000 Prevents display of a Change button for the product in ARP [6]
NoRemove=0 DWORD 2000 This only affects the display in ARP
NoRepair=0 DWORD 2000 If NoModify=1 and NoRepair=0, ARP will display a repair button
ParentDisplayName SZ

XP:SP2, 2003 [8] Name of parent tree item
ParentKeyName SZ

XP:SP2, 2003 [8] Parents sibling subkey or key under SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates? “OperatingSystem” seems to be a special value. Reserved key names: IEUpdate, OEUpdate, KB######, Q######, and ######
ProductID SZ 2000 String displayed in ARP
Publisher SZ 2000 Publisher/Developer of application, links to UrlInfoAbout
QuietUninstallString SZ, EXPAND_SZ? * "%path%" [parameters]
Readme SZ 2000 <%fullpath\to\readme.txt% |;
RegOwner SZ 2000
RegCompany SZ 2000
ReleaseType SZ? XP? ["Hotfix" | "Security Update" | "Software Update"]
RequiresIESysFile SZ IE 4.0? %IEMajor%.%IEMinor%[.%IEBuild%%[.%IERevision%]] If IE is downgraded to a version lower than RequiresIESysFile, perform QuietUninstallString?
HelpTelephone SZ 2000
Size SZ? MSI?
SystemComponent DWORD XP?
UninstallString SZ, EXPAND_SZ * "%path%" [parameters] Required by ARP.GUI [7]
UrlInfoAbout SZ 2000
UrlUpdateInfo SZ 2000
Version DWORD MSI? 0xMMmmBBBB in packed form
VersionMajor DWORD MSI?
VersionMinor DWORD MSI?
WindowsInstaller DWORD MSI? %BOOL:IsMSI%


  • NT4+ supports entries under HKCU, Win9x only supports HKLM
  • UninstallPath is documented on the Win 2000 Application Specifications page, it is probably a typo and they really mean UninstallString.
  • The %AppName% subkey under …\Uninstall\ is also known as the “Microsoft Application Logo 5 name”
  • AppName subkeys matching “KB??????” seem to get special handling
  • “No*” values under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\%AppName% override the normal settings under HKCU\…\Uninstall\%AppName%
  • All “text” values also support *_Localized versions


  1. Windows 2000 Application Specifications: Summary of Install/Uninstall Requirements
  2. Windows Installer Guide: Uninstall Registry Key
  3. OldNewThing: DisplayIcon
  4. Windows Confidential: The Legend of Uninstall [Raymond Chen / TechNet:2011Feb]
  5. Publishing Application Updates on the Web
  6. Windows Installer: Configuring Add/Remove Programs with Windows Installer
  7. Design Specifications and Guidelines – Integrating with the System
  8. Guidelines for File Associations and Default Programs: Set Program Access and Computer Defaults (SPAD)

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