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Somewhat automatic flash update

August 17, 2011

How many times are you going to force me to click this Adobe?

..and this?

Giving the user some control over the auto update process is good, but one button click should be enough and don’t force me to agree to the same license every time! (I assume the license is the same, we all know nobody reads those anyway)


Firefox 4, no thanks

April 27, 2011

The Firefox 4 upgrade campaign is under way, but since I don’t like what they have done with the UI I’ll be sticking with 3.6 for as long as possible.

They removed the statusbar with it it’s handy download progress indicator and replaced it with another bar that looks exactly like the bar it replaces, only with less features. Why not just hide the statusbar by default?

FF3 statusbar download

Not only did they remove useful features, they now ignore the visual styles and don’t care about the native look on XP:

…and don’t get me started on the tabs-on-top fad.