Keyboard shortcuts

Key Description Version
Win Toggle Start menu/Start screen 95+
Win+0 .. 9 Open the Quick Launch shortcut that is in the position that corresponds to the number Vista
Start the app pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number 7+
Win+Shift+0 .. 9 Start a new instance of the app pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number 7+
Win+Ctrl+0 .. 9 Switch to the last active window of the app pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number 7+
Win+Ctrl+Shift+0 .. 9 Open a new instance of the app located at the given position on the taskbar as an administrator 8+
Win+Alt+0 .. 9 Open the Jump List for the app pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number 7+
Win+A Action center 10+
Win+B Move focus to the system notification area Vista+?
Win+Ctrl+B Switch to the app that displayed a message in the notification area 8+?
Win+C Open charms bar 8 .. 8.1
Win+D Minimizes all open windows and displays the desktop (Press again to undo) 98
Win+E Open Windows Explorer *
Win+F Search for files *
Win+Ctrl+F Find AD computers *?
Win+G Cycle through gadgets Vista .. 7
Game DVR 10+
Win+Alt+G Game DVR: Record that 10+
Win+H Share charm 8+
Win+I Settings charm 8+
Win+K Devices charm 8 .. 8.1?
Win+L Lock workstation XP+?
Win+M Minimize all windows *
Win+Shift+M Restore minimized windows on the desktop *
Win+Alt+M Game DVR: Toggle microphone recording 10+
Win+O Lock the screen orientation 8.1+?
Win+P Choose a presentation display mode 7+
Win+Q Search apps 8
Search everywhere or within an open app 8.1+
Win+R Run command *
Win+Alt+R Game DVR: Start/Stop recording 10+
Win+S Search Windows and everywhere 8.1+
Win+T Cycle through apps on the taskbar XP+?
Win+Alt+T Game DVR: Show/Hide recording timer 10+
Win+U Open Ease of Access Center Vista+?
Win+V Focus and cycle through toast notifications (Hold shift to cycle in reverse order) 8+?
Win+W Search settings 8+
Win+X Open Windows Mobility Center Vista? .. 7
Open WinX menu 8+
Win+Z Show app commands/app bar (store apps) 8+
Win+Alt+Enter Media Center Vista? .. 8.1?
Win+F1 Open Windows Help and support ?
Win+Enter Open Narrator 8+
Win+Tab Cycle through taskbar buttons XP? .. 2003
Flip 3D Vista .. 7
Cycle through recently used store apps 8 .. 8.1
Task-View switcher 10+
Win+Ctrl+Tab Move focus to Quick Launch or system notification area XP? .. 2003
Flip 3D (Sticky mode) Vista .. 7
Cycle through recently used store apps (Sticky mode) 8+
Win+Spacebar Bring all gadgets to the front and select Windows Sidebar Vista
Aero peek 7
Change input language 8+
Win+Ctrl+Spacebar Change to a previously selected input language 8+?
Win+Home Minimize all but the active desktop window (Press again to undo) 7+
Win+Break/Pause System properties *?
Win++ (Plus) Activate Magnifier and zoom in 7+
Win+. (Period) Cycle through open apps 7?
Enter rearrange mode and select apps or dividers across monitors 8+
Win+, (Comma) Aero Peek 8+
Win+Shift+. (Period) Snap an app to the left 8+?
PrtScn Screenshot *
Alt+PrtScn Screenshot of active window *
Win+PrtScn Save screenshot 8+
Win+Alt+PrtScn Game DVR: Save screenshot 10+
Ctrl+Alt+Delete Task manager 95 .. ME
Secure attention sequence; displays the security screen or starts Task manager NT3.1+
Ctrl+Esc Open Start menu 95+?
Ctrl+Shift+Esc Start Task manager NT4+?

Alt+Tab Switch to the next top level window *
Alt+Shift+Tab Switch to the previous top level window *
Alt+Esc Send the active window to the bottom of the z-order and activates the next window (without restoring it if minimized) *
Alt+Shift+Esc Brings window at the bottom of the z-order to the top *
Win+Up Arrow Maximize 7+
Win+Down Arrow Restore or minimize 7+
Win+Left Arrow Maximize to the left side of the screen (Press again to undo) 7+
Win+Right Arrow Maximize to the right side of the screen (Press again to undo) 7+
Win+Shift+Up Arrow Stretch the desktop window to the top and bottom of the screen 7+
Win+Shift+Down Arrow Undo Win+Shift+Up or minimize 7+
Win+Shift+Left Arrow Move to another monitor 7+
Win+Shift+Right Arrow Move to another monitor 7+
Ctrl+Tab Next MDI window *?
Ctrl+F4 Close MDI window *?
Alt+F4 Close Window/Application *
Alt+Space System menu *
Alt+- (Hyphen) MDI child window system menu *
Common Controls
Ctrl+Tab Next property sheet tab *?
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Previous property sheet tab *?
Alt+Down Arrow Show/Hide combobox list *?
F4 Show/Hide combobox list *?
Spacebar Click button *
Toggle checkbox *
Numeric Keypad * Expand all treeview item child nodes *?
F10 Activate menu bar *?
Shift+F10 Context menu *?
Windows Explorer
F2 Rename item *
F3 Search *?
F5 Refresh *
F6 Switch to next pane/toolbar ?
Shift+F6 Switch to previous pane/toolbar ?
Ctrl+A Select all items *
Ctrl+Z Undo the last command *
Alt+Enter View selected item(s) properties *
Alt+Left Arrow Navigate backward IE4+?
Alt+Right Arrow Navigate forward IE4+?
Backspace Navigate to parent folder 95 .. 2003
Navigate to previous folder Vista+
Windows Magnifier
Win++ (Plus) Zoom in 7+
Win+- (Minus) Zoom out 7+
Win+Esc Exit Magnifier 7+
Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar Preview the desktop in full-screen mode 7+?
Ctrl+Alt+D Switch to docked mode 7+?
Ctrl+Alt+F Switch to full-screen mode 7+?
Ctrl+Alt+I Invert colors 7+?
Ctrl+Alt+L Switch to lens mode 7+?
Ctrl+Alt+R Resize the lens 7+?
Ctrl+Alt+Arrow keys Pan in the direction of the arrow keys 7+?

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