Does not compute

And so it begins, the inevitable replacement of the classic Windows applets with slow Modern apps that lack features and are horrible in every way possible.

One of the most important features of Calculator, Notepad and friends is a fast start-up time and I cannot believe that someone finds it acceptable that a calculator needs a splash screen in 2015.

I really like the Windows 7 calculator and the bit-toggling panel in programmer mode is its best feature and of course it has been removed. But why stop there, no programmer is ever going to need to XOR anything so lets just remove that along with bit shifting and rotation!

Win10TP calc

Win8 calc features removed in Win10TP

The only improvement seems to be that you can always see the value in Hex, Dec and Oct and not just for the mode that you are in (+ binary)…


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5 Responses to “Does not compute”

  1. GK Says:

    Get Calculator from Windows 8 and Windows 7 in Windows 10:

  2. Scott Brickey Says:

    Admittedly, I *loathe* the need to switch modes, just so that I can use either decimals, or binary/hex features… so I guess it depends how the new app handles such uses.

  3. John Says:

    I am not a big fan of a lot of changes in 10 in their defense the majority of this post is now invalid, all of the features from the old calculator are now present in the latest Windows 10 build. Some features do require an additional click though (you must hit “Shift” to get RoL/RoR, Qword/DWord/etc are now a push button)

    My primary complains lay with the “optimized for touch” they’ve done.

    • WindowsSucks Says:

      I have not checked the last couple of builds but I still don’t think it is possible to click the binary bits on and off in the new calculator and I really like doing that, so much so that I cannot live with a calculator that does not support it…

      • John Says:

        You need to check the last builds then, they give you the ability to tick them off and on there is a button that changes the whole interface to be bit flags which are much nicer in my opinion than original calculator. The fact that it uses your accent color is a nice touch as well.

        My only remaining arguments with the new calculator are:

        1. I cannot resize it to be “un-optimized” for touch
        2. In Scientific and Standard Mode (but not in programmer mode) in the old Calculator you are able to edit the history to change a calculation, as far as I can tell off of the latest build there is still no ability to do this.

        Beyond that I am feeling better about saying that this at very least does not remove functionality.

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