A home for old explorers

I was inspired by some of the leaked Windows vNext screenshots and decided to try to replicate the new Explorer Home special folder.

Explorer Home clone

I’m guessing the real thing uses Explorers jump-list to fill the frequent folders group but since that list always seems to include Desktop and other “useless” folders and it is probably hard to access from other processes (when the namespace extension is activated in a Open/Save dialog) I just decided to use the same list as recent places.

I’m not sure if it is possible to move it out of the Desktop namespace and maybe replace the Favorites item. Before I investigate such hacks I will try to live with the thing for a couple of days to see if it actually is a useful feature to have in Explorer in the first place…


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One Response to “A home for old explorers”

  1. GK Says:

    Yeah I don’t see the point of “Home” either. You have Favorites for pinning folders which unfortunately isn’t always visible because it scrolls with the rest of the navigation pane unlike Vista where it was static. There was Recent Places under Favorites which for some reason was never part of the Start Menu unless you use the awesome Classic Shell menu where you can add it. And then you have This PC/Computer which people are used to for years and they want Win+E to open at that folder. This “Home” location means more clicks to get to my local and mapped drives unless I tweak the registry to add This PC to Home. It looks like Home has been added because their crapshit Start Menu no longer includes Recent documents.

    The Home location also is not something that’s always there. You need to navigate to it when you are exploring some other folder. The Start Menu or Taskbar jumplist on the other hand are always available and close as soon as you launch something from them.

    The idiots will add something useful now, and then when you get used to it, they will remove it in some future version just for some absurd reason. I wouldn’t use anything that’s newly added by Microsoft idiots. I have a hard time trusting what they’ve kept intact.

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