Never means never, unless you are the taskbar

I like to keep my taskbar buttons grouped a certain way but explorer forces per application combined groups even when you tell it never to combine!


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8 Responses to “Never means never, unless you are the taskbar”

  1. xpclient Says:

    Maybe you should also mention the solution (7 Taskbar Tweaker) so people who encounter this blog also know how to fix the issue. 🙂

  2. Avi Says:

    I don’t see the problem. Probably because you suck at demonstrations.

  3. Neil Rashbrook Says:

    @Avi Look at the order of process launch and the order of the icons on the taskbar. In Windows 2000 these used to have a 1-to-1 correspondence.

    Mind you, even with grouping turned off, XP gets it wrong when a window stops responding.

  4. Erik Says:

    Cleverly, they called it ‘never combine’ instead of ‘never group’. 😉 Combining, in this case, would give your calculators one button to share between the two of them.
    I do agree it would be nice to have more options than just these three, though.

    • WindowsSucks Says:

      Yes, the grouping checkbox from Vista is gone, the combobox is missing a 4th setting that would have provided Win95 behavior: “Never combine and don’t group”. It’s not exactly news that the explorer folks don’t care about old features if they have something “better” to push (Breadcrumbbar over up button, details pane over statusbar and pinning killed the old-school taskbar and later on provided the excuse to kill the start menu)

  5. Mike Chambers Says:

    Uh, this isn’t a fucking bug. You just don’t understand what that option is supposed to do. It has nothing to do with items of the same being or not being grouped right next to each other. It’s only meant to control whether or not multiple windows for the same programs get condensed into only one taskbar item, which you then click and you can choose which one to open from the pop-up menu.

    Look at the other option in that “taskbar buttons” setting drop-down menu. “Combine when taskbar is full” … why would they offer THAT option if it has anything to do with modifying the grouping/positioning relative to other instances of the same program?

    You should remove this whole entry on your blog. You just misunderstood the purpose.

    • WindowsSucks Says:

      I never called it a bug, all I want is the taskbar behavior I have been using for 10+ years which is no longer possible without 3rd-party hacks.

    • xpclient Says:

      Either you never used Windows before XP or don’t get it. WindowsSucks is right. Now we require more and more 3rd party apps like 7+TT to fix the fucking shell.

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