Somewhat automatic flash update

How many times are you going to force me to click this Adobe?

..and this?

Giving the user some control over the auto update process is good, but one button click should be enough and don’t force me to agree to the same license every time! (I assume the license is the same, we all know nobody reads those anyway)


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3 Responses to “Somewhat automatic flash update”

  1. tuxplorer Says:

    The sheer number of times it is updated is also ridiculous and unacceptable. Don’t they have any sense of responsibility towards the thousands of machines which get nags on startup? I can understand it it’s a security vulnerability they are patching but that only happens only Patch Tuesdays. Rest of the updates are completely unnecessary because of the frequency. Best thing is to update manually on every Patch Tuesday and turn off automatic updating for Flash Player from the new Control Panel applet they have recently introduced.

  2. fatman Says:

    adobe makes shitty software. They should rename themself to shitsoft.

  3. naesten Says:

    @tuxplorer: I thought patch Tuesday was just an MS thing, and anyway don’t MS also sometimes release security updates on a more urgent basis?

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