MSDN website: breaking links and hearts everywhere

The MSDN website has a long history of breaking links over time, and in general, their URL format is horrible. We don’t need to see the internals of your website back-end MS!

Take the CreateProcess function for example, its URL is The part that identifies the page is just gobbledygook.

First off, why is the Visual Studio version in there? The CreateProcess function has not really changed since Win95/NT3.5 and is certainly not going to change depending on which version of Visual Studio you are using. The other issue is that you have no idea what a link points to just by looking at the URL.

If I had my way, their links would look more along the lines of


2 Responses to “MSDN website: breaking links and hearts everywhere”

  1. anonymous Says:

    They’ve sucked for ages and lots of old MSDN links are broken too instead of redirecting. For the dual pane view, the older MSDN/Technet “archive” version that uses frames is so much faster.

  2. windowssucks Says:

    They just broke more links ( )

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