Left out of the mix

Ever since the release of windows 95 it has been possible to minimize the volume control:

Win95 Volume Control
WinXP Volume Control

In Vista, the minimize button was removed for no reason. Why Larry, why???

Vista Volume Control

Adding the window style back with a tool like WinSpy++ clearly shows that there is no technical reason for the removal.

Vista Volume Control Mod

Even adding the maximize button works. (I have a little program that runs in the background and fixes little annoyances like this, when I get around to talking about the stupid vista explorer tree view, I might talk more about this tool and what it does)


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10 Responses to “Left out of the mix”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Can you give me your little program please? I don’t want to resource hack the Volume UI. Btw they also got rid of the convenient double-clicking-on-the-volume-to-directly-show -the-mixer feature. Now you must click one, reposition your mouse accurately over the Mixer link and click again. Just added it to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_features_removed_in_Windows_Vista. The same annoyance applies to Power options. Double clicking brought up Power Options in XP.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Hey you didn’t say anything about the little proggy you have? Does it use hooks or in-memory patching to do that? Please release it or email it to me. 🙂

    • windowssucks Says:

      Yes, it uses a shell hook to get notifications about new windows. It also changes explorer and does other things to get windows just the way I like it. I’m going to keep it to myself for the time being. I might make a simple app that just changes the mixer window.

  3. anonymous Says:

    Please create and give me the app that changes just the mixer window. Btw have you checked out Classic Shell on Sourceforge? It fixes ALL of the Explorer tree view annoyances including scroll bar and scrolling bug (just edit its Explorer.ini)

  4. anonymous Says:

    hey windowssucks, can you consider releasing a standalone little app that just allows minimizing the volume mixer and does nothing else? I really miss being able to do that.

  5. xpclient Says:

    It works nicely but I thought it would be a background process that hooks into sndvol.exe *when sndvol.exe is started*. So I can load it at startup and when I open the mixer, the window is minimizable. Also, can you make it remember the window position?

  6. xpclient Says:

    Is there an updated version of your sndvolminabletsr.exe that doesn’t affect the window shown by sndvol -p ?

    • WindowsSucks Says:

      I don’t remember where I put the source, probably on a older machine that is not really up and running at the moment, sorry…

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